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Opened in early 1993. Roger Packard was tasked with planning this golf course as challenging and difficult. Imperial Lake View has the features of Mr. Packard in the form of big differences. This gave the golf course a unique landscape. This track is a par 72, 36 holes. Fairways grass is "Bermuda 419" and the green is of "Tiff Turf ". The course is located in the mountain range, which shares Thailand from Burma. The place was originally a high school. Therefore, most of the natural vegetation had to be cleared away. This made it necessary to plant 10,000 palms and other trees that make the path incredibly beautiful and colorful. Playing golf at this course is something for adrenaline seekers with sharp doglegs, many water hazards and well-founded greens.

  • Design:¬†Roger Packard
  • Length: 36 holes par 72/72 (6915/7015 yards)
  • Golf Cart: 750 THB
  • From Cha-Am: Aprox: 20 min
  • Normal Greenfee 3800 THB incl. caddiefee
  • Players Greenfee: 2000 THB incl. caddiefee
  • Others: Proshop, Restaurang, Spa, Swimmingpool, Tennis
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  • Lake_view_golf_cha_am_02
  • Lake_view_golf_cha_am_03
  • Lake_view_golf_cha_am_04
  • Lake_view_golf_cha_am_05
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  • Lake_view_golf_cha_am_18
  • Lake_view_golf_cha_am_19
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_01
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_02
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_03
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_04
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_05
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_06
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_07
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_08
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_09
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_10
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_11
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_18
  • lake_view_golf_cha_am_19
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