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Black Mountain is one of Asia's finest golf courses and has on several occasions been named best championship course in Asia and was also among the top 100 golf courses outside of the United States in Golf Digest 2012-2013. The competitions played here are Thailand Classic on Black Mountain, with players like Jimenez, Jaidee, Björn, Noren and Edfors. The quality of the course is always 100% regardless of whether it is competition or not.
The course is adapted to all types of players, both amateurs and professionals. Play golf at Black Mountain, and the course offers a lot of water hazards, level differences and amazing greens.
In Thailand, caddy is mandatory, and Black Mountain has hand-picked caddies who are very knowledgeable, and are probably the country's best caddies right on Black Mountain. The restaurant at the clubhouse is also this very good, run by a Swedish chef with very nice and service-oriented staff.

  • Design: Phil Ryan
  • Length: 27 holes par 72 (7343 yards)
  • Golf Cart: 700 THB 
  • From Cha-Am: Aprox: 35 min
  • Normal Greenfee: 3950 THB incl. caddiefee
  • Players Greenfee: 3600 THB incl. caddiefee
  • Others: Proshop, Restaurang, Spa, Tennis
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  • black_mountain_golf_hua_hin_00
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